Friday, July 12, 2013

In This Moment

Friday we don't usually "do" school.  I plan on getting the other stuff done on the first four days of the week.

Today, I was planning on a big meal prep session.  You can read more about that here.

Anyhow, my mom brought over my sisters who played with my kids while mom and I did meal prep (I come from a family of saints... did you know?  Not me, but everyone else).  After  a morning of hard work, I put on a cartoon for my kids and figured I'd veg out on the couch catching up on my social networks.  my back was spasming and I was *tired*.

So I went to sit next down to my 16 month old, Little K.  She threw herself across the couch, right where I was planning on sitting. Then she giggled hysterically.  "Okay," I thought.

I sat down next to her anyway.  This time, she threw herself into my arms, before I even had a chance to glance at my email.

Now, little K is my miracle baby.  She had to be induced, at six weeks she was sick in the hospital, and only in the last few months has she blossomed into an independent, sassy almost-toddler.

Usually she wants down, she wants to get into things, she wants to be trashing her clothes and doing her own thing, which is great.

On the day that I wanted a quiet moment, however, she wanted to play.

I didn't want to play.  I wanted to check Facebook.

And then it occurred to me.  She isn't going to be the "baby" for much longer.  A few weeks at most, and then she'll be the big sister.  And right now, in this moment, she wants to be my baby.  She wants to kiss and cuddle.  She wants to be tickled and hugged.  And, because we wouldn't have too many more of these moments, I gave her what she wanted.

So, here she is, today, in this moment.  My baby.

Because babies grow too fast.


  1. I often find myself remembering that one little poem you posted once, that ended with, "I'm rocking my baby cause babies don't keep." I used to be pretty enslaved to my perfectionism in household stuff. Til I read that and started to live by it. We have a happier, and somehow cleaner, home today than we did then. So thanks again for reminding me of awesome babies. Though my current baby is super wonderfully cuddly, and man I cuddle him all the time! xoxo

    1. Hey, sweetie! After some lengthy googling, I found the poem, Song for a Fifth Child. It's really beautiful and very, very true. I'm going to post in its entirety later. It's very dear to my heart as well! It's important to live in the moment with these little people, because the moments are all too few. Cuddle away, mama! :-)