Thursday, July 11, 2013

Notes from the Trenches, Vol. 3

In the interest of full disclosure, this week was a low point for us, school-wise.

We did school on Monday.  Everything on the lesson plan.  The kids even got all their chores done afterwards.

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment that ate our school time.

On Wednesday I was exhausted, uncomfortable and hot. The little ones all felt hot and Marty threw up, so we had a sick day.  I let it slide.

Today I spent the morning shopping for a major meal prep event tomorrow, so school time was spent at Grandma's house.

While this week was weak on school, the amount of artwork and imaginative play generated has been stellar, not to mention the socialization time spent with their relatives.  So, it wasn't a complete loss.  It never really is.

Next week is a new week.

And that's all from the trenches.

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