Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes: the Panic Edition

So, I guess it's Friday.  Again.

But this time, I'm blogging.  Win!

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 So, in order to get ready for the school year, I need to:

1. Order syllabi for my new classes.  This is good because the new classes are a direct result of people liking me and wanting me to teach their kids for another year.  But it's only good if I'm prepared to do that.

2. Order books and supplies for my own kids' school year.  It's all on Amazon, so, that's a start, right?

3. Get my fancy headset in the mail to teach my online classes.  WHERE IS MY HEADSET?  TRAINING IS ON MONDAY!

4. Assemble book shelves and rearrange the office to resemble a space that a child would find conducive to learning peacefully in.  

5. Start lesson planning for my brand new job, actually teaching on-line classes.

6. Listen to many, many hours of overviews on how to teach what I'm teaching.

7.  Breathe.  It's important.

I guess what it boils down to this year is getting ready to TEACH ALL THE THINGS!

Here goes nothing.