Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dusting off my blogging shoes

So, it has been a hectic year for us in many ways.  My motto has been "If you want God to laugh, tell Him your plans."

So, as I am planning on resuming blogging soon, no doubt He is having a hearty chuckle.  But that's okay.

Anyhow, as blessings #1 and #2 are now school age (sort of), I'm going to start posting reviews of homeschooling stuff in addition to the usual cheery updates.  I'll probably also be posting book reviews for learning age books.  And when I say "learning age" I don't mean "school age" because, really, who ever out-grows learning?  I'm pretty sure when you stop learning, you die.  Like sharks with swimming. Don't stop.

So, for new readers, hello!  I'm happy to see you!

For old subscribers, hello! I didn't die, I swear.

I'm back!

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