Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven Unairconditioned Takes

So, our home is cooled by one brave little window unit in the kids' room upstairs.  I've finding that most of that cool, dry air is sucked through the broken window downstairs.  So, here's what we can do today:

Go play in the air conditioned mall playground.

Play in the wading pool.

Go shop in airconditioned stores.

Huddle in the darkened house and watch movies.

Go play in the fountain downtown. (It's one that's meant for playing in.  It doesn't have a pool, but the water jets straight up through the boardwalk.)

Go play in the air-conditioned library.

We won't be cooking, cleaning, or doing anything that expends energy or creates heat.  So, that should appease the global warming folks, right?  We just piggy-backing every one else's energy consumption.  ;-)

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