Friday, August 16, 2013

Notes from the Trenches, Vol. 5, New Baby Edition

We started school again this week, picking up on the last lesson plan sheet.  The first three days went well.  We stumbled on Thursday, partly because it was a Holy Day of Obligation and partly because it appears that number five is the Baby who Never Stops Nursing.  

So, next week I'll be better prepared for the one-handed challenge of it all ("I can do this homeschooling thing with one hand tied behind my back, sort of!")

Also, I'm ordering some new stuff, which I will be reviewing when the Baby who Never Stops Nursing naps, if that ever happens.

So, once more into the lesson planning breach, dear friends!

Til next week, stay happy!

This is my new vice principle.  
She has some concerns about my lesson plans.

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