Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

This is my first time doing this, so thanks for your patience. I'm going to write about something I have an almost infinite store of.  Goofy parenting anedotes.

Our little B was chipper in the car yesterday. She was chattering up a storm. At one point, she said, very emphatically, "I have an idea!" "Really, sweetie, what's your idea?" "I don't know!"

I have become firmly convinced that potty-training is the perfect Lenten activity.  It's an exercise in patience, with a heaping side of humiliation.  What could be more penitential than washing an endless stream of soiled training pants and any other casualties?

And the 10 month old, M, is cruising.  He'll be walking in week or two, but right now, he moves from furniture piece to furniture piece, like a monkey swinging through a jungle.  And, like a monkey, when he's not swinging from furniture piece to furniture piece, he's clinging to mama.

4.  Daylight savings time = fire drill for us.  Sunday morning, I was dosing, listening to the pitter patter of little feet that were up too early and suddenly realized that it wasn't six, like my watch said.  It was seven.  And we were going to the eight o'clock Mass.  We were out the door in record time.

5.  I'm outnumbered.  When R is in trouble, B will come running up and insist "He's a dood boy!"  If everyone's taking sides, whose on my team?

6.  I used to be a really fast typist.  Now I have to hunt and peck with one hand... 'cause there's a baby in the other.

7.  I'm glad Lent is six weeks.  Not because I'm in love with penance, but because it takes me that long to get it right. 

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